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We teach and encourage you to operate your business with 100% integrity and to play by all the rules as much as is humanly possible, to the extent that you know them. Offenders will be notified. Repeat offenders will have their accounts with terminated.

You may not ever earn a single cent using the tools that you learn here. However, we will teach you the tools that were used to help an Illinois Senator become the President of the United States. There are no monetary guarantees. However, chances are, you will find that you will learn tools in this course that you use for the rest of your life.

Letís face it, marketing has changed. These days, if you are not online, then you are not in business. And the more you or your company is online, the more business you are doing.

With regards to who you work for and what you represent on the internet, it is up to you to check with that companies policies regarding online marketing. When participating in social media, online communities, in videos, or even personal blogs, please respect the federal and state laws as well as the private rules from the company / opportunity which you represent, regarding what you can and can not say on the internet. As an example:

This site is about Market Leadership. It is not about tips and tricks for beating the system. But rather, it is about learning the tools and playing by the rules to become a market leader. We donít condone any black-hat marketing techniques or pretending to be somebody you are not.

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