Getting Started With Aweber

Setting up your Email Marketing Campaign

This describes setting up your first email marketing campaign using Aweber, the email marketing of choice by the worlds top internet marketing professionals since 1998.

  • Naming Your List
  • Describing Your List
  • Adding Your From Name
  • Adding Your From Address
  • Branding Your Unsubscribe Page
  • Creating Your Confirmation Email
    1. Subject Line
    2. Intro Paragraph
  • Closing
  • Creating a Welcome Email
    1. The Welcome Message is the First Auto Follow Up Email
    2. Creating Additional Follow Up Messages
  • Click Tracking
  • Creating A Sign Up Form For Your Website
    1. Choosing A Template
    2. Adding Text In The Header
    3. Naming Your Form
    4. Choosing A Thank You Page
  • Publishing Your Form On Your Website
    1. Install It Yourself
    2. Having Your Web Designer Install The Form
    3. Have Aweber Host Your Form (Just Link To The Form Hosted By Aweber)
Your Email Campaign Is Now Set Up!