How To Make Videos

You don't need a big budget to start marketing with video. Chances are, you already have everything you need to create your first YouTube video. In fact, some of the most effective videos are made on the lowest budgets.

As an example, below is the finished product of a very low budget video I made for my patients and subscribers of my chiropractic newsletters. The video was made with my cell phone and an 8 year old camera man. Watch it, then the video that follows that shows you step by step how I made it. (I was actually making two videos for two different businesses at the same time!)

First, The Short Nutrition Video:


So, as you see, nothing fancy, yet somewhat effective. It is usually way better to have some content and be in the search engines than to have nothing at all... unless your name is say... "Congressman Anthony Weiner".

Now, let's see how the video was actually created:

You will notice that I used a very inexpensive production crew (my kids), a cheap camera (my phone).