Blog Creation


website creation

This section is where even beginners can learn step-by-step instructions for creating their personal website or blog.  Lessons include:

What is the difference between a website and a blog?

What is a website or blogging platform?

What domain name should I choose and why?

What kind of hosting do I need?

How do I make a website or a blog?

What is the difference between posts and pages?

What should I think about when I write posts or pages? (target audience, keywords, etc.)

How do I add links? (try adding a link to our site)

How do I add pictures?

How do I add videos?

How do I change the overall design of my website or blog?

Choosing A Domain Name

We will spend more time on this video than most. That is because you will want to think about many things before deciding on a domain name.  Once you have decided, I recommend you use GoDaddy or HostGator to purchase your domain name and host your site. But don't rush there yet... unless you are sure of what you want. But I would rather you watch this video and think about it for a while before you buy. Then, tomorrow, watch the next video and I'll make more specific recommendations of what to get from GoDaddy or HostGator.

Things to consider when choosing a domain name include the length, extension, branding, the market, and much more.

Don't just dive right into it, but rather, give it some thought. We are about to establish your online identity. You want to make sure that your domain name reflects what it is you are selling and what it is that you want to brand.

Are you branding a product? Are you branding a business? Are you branding your "self"? Don't get a domain name, build a big business around it with promotional materials, and then find out down the road that this really wasn't what you wish you had started with.

In this video lesson, I'm going to give you some things that you should consider when choosing your domain name.